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Gardasoft Videos

Here is a collection of the latest videos of Gardasoft technology and applications. They can also be viewed on the Gardasoft YouTube channel.

  • Guaranteeing consistent illumination in Machine Vision systems

    The background to why guaranteeing consistent image illumination can be crucial in machine vision systems. Example solutions are illustrated with Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock software, Allied Vision GigE Vision camera, lights from CCS and Smart Vision Lights and lighting controllers from Gardasoft.

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  • FANUC Robot and iRVision with high speed lighting change

    Illustrates an example of how Gardasoft lighting controllers and CCS lights are being integrated by FANUC in order to guarantee consistent, accurate and reliable lighting - all delivered whilst various illumination levels are being switched at high frequency throughout the application.

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  • Gardasoft award winning Lens Controller - VSD showcase 2016

    Gardasoft launches the award-winning TR-CL Series of single channel industrial Lens Controllers, developed in close collaboration with Optotune. These controllers provide very accurate and repeatable control of Optotune EL-10-30 and EL-16-40 focus-tunable lenses, the TR-CL Series is a major step forward in the complete automation of machine vision applications.

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  • CCS Intelligent Lighting examples with Cognex Insight and VisionPro

    Illustrates the concept of Intelligent Lighting for Machine Vision, and illustrates examples with CCS lighting and Cognex Insight and VisionPro. Refer to for further details on CCS Intelligent lights.

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  • Machine Vision Trigger Timing Controller

    The Gardasoft CC320 is a high-speed Machine Vision Trigger Timing Controller. This unit handles real-time I/O at a response time of 1Mhz, making it ideal for Trigger timing and Sequencing within ultra-fast machine processes (such as camera and light triggering in Machine Vision applications).

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  • Gardasoft Triniti Intelligent Lighting technology

    triniti is an enabling technology from Gardasoft which provides expert control, operational performance data and full networking of LED lighting for Machine Vision systems - all within a 'plug & play' environment.

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  • Gardasoft RT Series LED Controllers overview

    The Gardasoft RT Series provides control of LED lighting for Machine Vision applications.It includes the power regulation, intensity control, timing and triggering functions required for vision systems.

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  • Gardasoft VTR Series LED Traffic Strobes overview

    The Gardasoft VTR Series VTR LED lights provide very powerful LED strobe illumination for traffic monitoring applications including ANPR / LPR, Red light violation, Open Road Tolling and Weigh-in motion systems.

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  • Why use LED Controllers?

    Outlines the basics of LED Controllers, and discusses the business case for their use within industrial manufacturing applications. Covers LED Pulsing, LED Strobing and LED Overdriving and the benefits of these functions within machine vision illumination systems.

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