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Easy adjustment of light settings for End Users

The Triniti platform enables End Users to make simple adjustments to Machine Vision lighting - maybe for a product variation or small change in application lighting conditions

  • Lighting changes possible within defined parameters
  • Real-time feedback on the impact for the captured image
  • Historical records of all application light settings
Easy adjustment of light settings for End Users

Fully protected changes of light settings for the End User

When a machine or process is commissioned all light and camera settings are obviously set for the specific End User requirements. Over time, there can be many reasons why the End User may need to make some local change - for example, due to a revision in the design of inspected products, fine adjustments due to unnecessary defects or changes in the machine ambient lighting environment.


End user can make adjustments to light settings as required locally for their application.


With the Triniti application for Image Processing Software, the user can immediately see the impact of new light settings on the captured image.


If necessary, any new settings can be automatically copied to the OEM or Sis for historical recording.

Easy light settings for Machine Vision using the Triniti Intelligent lighting platform from Gardasoft Vision

For changes of this category, many End Users would like to make changes to the lighting set-up, but there can be fear of issues such as understanding the impact of increasing the light output (eg: can the light rated for increased current), or whether the inspection duty cycle can be increased without detriment to the light.

Triniti systems take away any of these potential obstacles for the End User because lights are always fully protected and the system gives feedback to the user if lights are at, or approaching their maximum output, then the user is informed via their chosen software interface.

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