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World leaders in
LED Lighting and Control

RT and PP Series

LED Pulse Controllers

RT, RC, PP, HT Series

The RT/RC/HT Series provides control of LED Lighting for Machine Vision lighting applications. It includes the power regulation, intensity control, safe LED overdriving, timing and triggering functions required for Machine Vision systems. Utilising Gardasoft's SafePower™ and SafeSense™ patented technology, the RT/RC/HT Series are the industry's most powerful LED Lighting Controllers (strobe, pulse or continuous control) and build on Gardasoft's industry standard PP Series.

  • 1,2,4, 8 or 16 channels of independent control
  • Precise timing control down to 1µS
  • High current pulsing up to 50A
  • Ethernet or RS232 interfaces
  • Safe overdriving for optimal performance
  • Compatible with LED Vision lighting from manufacturers such as CCS

SafeSense™ and SafePower™ technology

Gardasoft SafeSense™ technology has been developed to enable the overdriving of industrial LED Lights safely and securely. Customers can now overdrive their lights, optimising the maximum light output for their Vision solution safe in the knowledge that SafeSense™ will protect their equipment from damage. The RT/RC/HT Series of LED Lighting Controllers also introduces SafePower™ technology, this allows for any light to be operated via a standard 24vdc power supply and removes the requirement for heat sinking the controller - whilst still offering all of the benefits found in the earlier Gardasoft PP range of controllers. The Gardasoft White Paper on LED Controller technology is a useful reference for the principles of attaining maximum performance for Machine Vision illumination.

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