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LED Lighting and Control

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The new FP220 series of high speed lighting controllers uniquely combine high frequency, high power LED pulsing capabilities with outstanding low output current performance, making them suitable for a huge range of machine vision applications. More >>

In addition to the announcement of a new lighting controller, Gardasoft Vision will be presenting a number of new demonstrations to illustrate the power of machine vision sequencing and control technologies More >>

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Technical Support

Technical Support

Technical Support

Highly qualified technical staff (benefitting from Cambridge technology network)

Fast and knowledgeable technical support

Extensive experience in Machine Vision System applications

For telephone support please call our Technical Support team on +44 1954 234970. Alternatively, please fill in an enquiry form by following this link.

Event and Error Codes

A full list of event and error codes can be found on the error page


Should a problem occur with a controller, this may be a function of how it is being used. In the first instance we advise you to check one of the following troubleshooting guides so as to resolve quickly the problem yourself:

Troubleshooting Guides

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