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World leaders in
LED Lighting and Control

Triniti Technology

Product Partners — interworking between
Machine Vision product manufacturers

Four prominent Machine Vision product manufacturers, CCS, Smart Vision Lights, TPL and Metaphase are the leading triniti partners for LED Lighting; and the triniti API is already proven with Image Processing software from leading suppliers that include Cognex, Stemmer Imaging, National Instruments and Teledyne Dalsa.

  • CCS
  • Smart Vision Lights
  • TPL Vision
  • Metaphase
  • Cognex
  • National Instruments
  • Stemmer Imaging
  • Teledyne Dalsa

triniti comprises three key technological elements:


Integration of Lights into software

Integration of Lights into software

triniti-enabled LED Lights are seamlessly integrated into Machine Vision networks, providing diagnostic and configuration benefits through Imaging and Application processing software.

  • API provides for major imaging processing packages, such as Stemmer Imaging's Common Vision Blox, Cognex's Vision Pro, National Instruments' Lab View and Teledyne Dalsa's Sherlock;
  • User control is also provided for engineers with their own C#, C++ or VB.NET code;
  • Code snippet for Cognex's Insight cameras is also available;
  • GigE Vision has been implemented on the TR Lighting Controllers, to provide easy integration into other packages.


Expert Light Control

Expert Light Control

triniti systems incorporate the control functionality of Gardasoft Vision's patented LED light controller technology, in either discreet or embedded form.

  • 1, 2 and 4 channel triniti Controllers
  • Up to 30W rating (1 ch), 50W rating (4 ch)
  • M12 Connector, for direct connection to triniti-enabled lights
  • Ethernet communication to User Control API
  • GigE Vision and GenICam compliant.


Light Identification and Operational Data

Light Identification and Operational Data

triniti chips are mounted into partners' lights or light cabling, thereby enabling: knowledge of light parameters; easy light connectivity, and light operational data.

  • direct connection to Gardasoft's triniti Controller is provided via an M12 Connector
  • for further details, visit the manufacturers websites.

triniti connection within a Machine Vision system:

Gardasoft Triniti – integrates intelligent machine vision lighting from manufacturers such as CCS Inc and Smart Vision Lights with Image Processing Software including packages from Stemmer Imaging, Cognex and National Instruments
inVISION Top Innovation 2016