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Research and Development

Gardasoft have a fundamental emphasis on innovation through Research and Development, committing a high investment to advanced technology and new product development.

As a result, we have a number of important patents and trademarks associated with industrial LED technology.

We have a policy of employing staff who excel in their field, and our organisation benefits from networking within the Cambridge Technology network, the Centre for Advanced Photonics (CAPE), and we are an active member of the UK government supported Knowledge Transfer Network Photonics Group.

Support for OEMs

Gardasoft understands that in order to deliver real value to OEMs, it's essential to have a support ethos and infrastructure that is designed to meet with our customers' needs.

We engage with OEMs where necessary at the relevant design, implementation and support stages - providing the likes of CAD files of our products, on-site testing and commissioning of our products and 24/7 support access.

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New Lighting Controller To Be Announced At VISION

New Lighting Controller To Be Announced At VISION

In addition to the announcement of a new lighting controller, Gardasoft Vision will be presenting a number of new demonstrations to illustrate the power of machine vision sequencing and control technologies More >>

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