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The Security sector has many advances in Surveillance applications which require high performance Infrared Area illumination and flexibility in wavelength choice for areas such as Biometrics - Gardasoft provide LED Lighting solutions in the form of our VTR LED Strobe Series. These illuminators have options for wavelength, including IR (740nm, 850nm and 940nm), White, Red and Blue - and are utilised in many applications such as Infrared Camera Surveillance, Car Park Management, Access Control and Traffic Management. As solid state devices they provide a very efficient illumination source for the Security sector, with a very low maintenance overhead compared to conventional lighting.

Applications experience:

  • CCTV
  • Secure car parking
  • Automated car recognition & condition for Intelligent Parking
  • Monitored premises
  • Biometrics

Gardasoft technology:

  • High intensity
  • Infrared wavelength option
  • Stroboscope inspection
  • Area illumination
  • Low maintenance

Gardasoft related products:

  • VTR ANPR LED Strobes
  • RT Series LED Pulse and Strobe Controllers