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World leaders in
LED Lighting and Control

Triniti Technology

Expert Control of Machine Vision lighting...
made easy

triniti is a new enabling technology from Gardasoft, which provides expert control, operational intelligence and full integration of Machine Vision Lighting — all within a 'plug-&-play' environment. With triniti, Machine Vision systems with LED Lighting are now much easier to create, configure and commission, while at the same time, offering increased functionality. This is because complex control techniques have now been made very easy to implement.

Gardasoft's triniti technology explained: an overview

triniti integrates three key Machine Vision elements:

triniti systems incorporate the control functionality of Gardasoft Vision's patented LED light controller technology, in either discrete or embedded form.


triniti-enabled LED lights are seamlessly integrated into Machine Vision networks, providing diagnostics and configuration benefits through Application and Image Processing Sofware.


triniti-chips are mounted into partners' light or light cabling, thereby enabling:

  • knowledge of light parameters
  • easy light connectivity
  • light operation data.


triniti delivers many benefits to users, including that it:

  • enables non-expert users to use expert Machine Vision lighting techniques
  • revolutionises the integration of lighting parameters right through to application level software
  • addresses the industry's identified need for a highly flexible system that is also readily 'plug-&-play'
  • provides a stability of brightness, long-term, that helps to enhance the reliability of Machine Vision  systems, over many years.

triniti — interworking between Machine Vision manufacturers:

As a system-enabling technology, triniti embraces a collaborative approach with leading manufacturers of LED lighting and providers of Machine Vision software.

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