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World leaders in
LED Lighting and Control

Triniti Technology

...provides APIs for integrating lighting
with Image Processing software

triniti offers much closer integration of lighting to the application level. This is achieved by providing links from the applications to the lights, through industry-standard protocols and software APIs for specific environments. triniti API extensions are available for leading Machine Vision software for Image Processing and System Configuration — with the result that a full graphical interface is provided to the user for configuration and synchronisation between GigE Vision (and other camera systems) and lighting.

Because triniti enables, at the application level, the integration of camera and lighting configuration and control, the operation of the system as a whole can be much more visible. For example, a timing diagram (like the one on the screen, below), showing the timing of the trigger source, camera exposure and trigger pulses, can be displayed and manipulated on-screen, to make it much easier for both development and diagnostics work.

triniti camera and lighting configuration and control

triniti makes expert control techniques for Machine Vision Lighting systems easy to apply

With triniti-enabled lighting, users benefit from having expert control techniques readily available — with an ease-of-use more typically associated with 'plug-&-play' products. Functional advantages include enhanced overdrive and pulse control, and flexible light switching and synchronisation. (Note: Refer to the manufacturers for specific details.)

'Plug-&-play' customer benefits include:

  • optimum application settings for lighting are easy to configure
  • multiple-light systems are easy to manage
  • automatc adjustments maintain more stable brightness over many years of operation.

Expert customer benefits include:

  • Machine Vision functionality is increased, as performance is improved
  • the potential of camera and lighting equipment can be fully exploited
  • system reliability is maximised
  • and at the same time, services to end users can be extended and enhanced.

inVISION Top Innovation 2016