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World leaders in
LED Lighting and Control


OEM solutions

Core LED technology for OEMs

Gardasoft Vision is a technology company specialising in the design and manufacture of intelligent, high performance LED lighting and LED controllers.

Central to Gardasoft's products is our patented LED Drive and High Intensity Lighting technology. This core technology is made available in a modular format for OEMs and is easily embedded into a variety of OEM products - from Smart Cameras to complete Surface Inspection machines.


High speed, high current pulsing technology for driving optimum performance of LED lighting


High intensity LED lighting modules with options for built-in LED drivers


High speed synchronisation and timing control of cameras and lighting for machine vision systems

Benefits for OEMs

Gardasoft have a dedicated OEM programme which supports this core technology with options for design and support services as required by an OEM.

Benefits for OEMs

Latest news

June 2018: Release of New Vision Utility

June 2018: Release of New Vision Utility

Gardasoft Vision Utility is an easy-to-use utility that makes it simple to configure lighting in a Machine Vision system. The Utility makes a great starting point for those less familiar with the benefits of lighting controllers. (read more) More >>

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