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LED Lighting and Control

Gardasoft Traffic Market

Traffic Lighting & Control

Advances in LED Lighting have resulted in the increasing use of this technology within Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) applications in the Intelligent Traffic sector. Gardasoft VTR Series LED strobes offer a multitude of wavelength choice - including IR (740nm, 850nm and 940nm), White, Red and Blue - and are being utilised in many applications such as Toll Booths, Speed monitoring, Multi-lane control and Red Light violation. VTRs can drive up to 4kw to the LED array, and as a solid state device they represent a very low maintenance lighting solution for the Traffic sector. The Gardasoft White Paper on Intelligent LED ITS Lighting technology is a useful reference for the principles of attaining maximum performance for Traffic ANPR / ALPR illumination.

Applications experience:

  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Toll Booth Control
  • Multi-lane monitoring
  • Automatic Toll Licence validation
  • Red Light violation
  • Traffic enforcement systems
  • Optimisation of Traffic flows

Gardasoft technology:

  • Strobed LED Illumination
  • Infrared Flashlight
  • Camera synchronisation
  • Mobile or fixed installations
  • 12vdc supply option
  • Beam angle flexibility
  • Long distance object illumination

Gardasoft related products:

  • VTR ANPR LED Strobes

Applications Example:

Open road tolling

Application overview

In any countries window sticker licences are increasingly required for travelling on the motorways via automated tolls. For example, VTR Series was utilised in an application in Slovenia, where passes are available on a 7 day, 1 month or 1 year basis. The original method of checking validity was via manual Police checks.

Application solution

A fully automated solution was deployed that reads both the vehicle licence plate and also the pass sticker on the windscreen – checking cars 24 hours ad day, 7 days a week, with no restriction in traffic flow.

VTR series lights are used in similar applications including the differentiation of authentic and counterfeit screen passes where the high intensity infrared characteristics of the VTR series are providing effective.

Multi-lane operation

Application overview

It is becoming important for lighting for intelligent Transport Systems to offer the ability for multi-lane operation. In a recent project single VTR series LED lights were each required to cover three lanes, with each lane having a dedicated camera. Each light must accept a trigger from one or more cameras.

Application solution

The working distance of the lights was 20m. Gardasoft offer the option for custom beam arrangements, and in this project the beam geometry was changed to give a 32 degree beam in the horizontal axis and 12 degrees in the vertical axis.

To enable the synchronisation with the cameras, three TTL trigger inputs were configured on the VTR light such that any of the cameras could trigger the operation of the VTR light.

Mobile and Public transport

Application overview

Advances in LED Lighting is such that the technology is being used in numerous standard and custom applications. These specials can take a number of forms including fixed position applications such as gantry lights with extra heat sinking and control circuitry to modify the way the lights operate.

VTR Series LED lighting can also be used for Mobile illuminations where they can be mounted on tripods by the side of the road, or can be designed to be mounted on a vehicle. Such applications include Emergency Services to Public Transport.

Application solution

Gardasoft have a dedicated Custom Design Programme (CDP) which is designed to enable the effective development of special LD lighting for OEMs. Importantly, the CDP produces these specials in a very competitive timeframe for the OEM.