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LED Lighting and Control

Motorised Lens and Tunable Lens Control

Focus-tunable lenses have clear advantages over traditional optics and are suitable for diverse applications. Optotune’s lenses are current controlled and require an accurate current control for best performance. Motorised Lens and Tunable Lens Control are compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci, EL-16-40-TC and EL-3-10 tunable lenses.

For volume applications, or where lens controller functionality is required in a special format, Gardasoft Vision can supply specific solutions that are tailored to your requirements. Please contact us for more information.

A new white paper discusses the embedded implementation of lens control for motorised lenses and liquid lenses: Embedded Tunable Lens Control White Paper.

TR-CL180 Lens controller

Tunable Lens Control

The Gardasoft TR-CL180 single-channel Industrial Liquid Lens Controller provides very accurate and repeatable control of optotune tunable lenses. It was developed in close collaboration with Optotune.

TR-CL190 Lens controller

Embedded Tunable Lens Control

Gardasoft offers a range of technologies that are suitable for embedded applications. The CL190 embedded lens controller is available as a complete, enclosure-free, miniature board that is designed to fit into cameras, lighting and other equipment. Gardasoft also offer a lens controller design module that can be cut and pasted into the user’s PCB design files.

Embedded Motorised Lens Control

Embedded Motorised Lens Control

Miniature, board-level motorised lens controllers provide precise and rapid control of motorised lenses. These products are suitable for embedded use, can provide control of focus, zoom and iris adjustment, and can also control pan and tilt mechanisms. The exact functionality and physical shape can be tailored to individual needs. A specimen specification is available here. If you would like to discuss your particular requirements please contact Gardasoft.