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Application Software

Cognex In-Sight Code Snippet (v3.0)

Use the In-Sight web server to control Gardasoft lighting controllers via ethernet packages. Tested on the Gardasoft TR-RC120 series.

Date updated:
April 2019

Gardasoft Plugin for Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock (v1.0.0)

This plugin allows control of Gardasoft trinitiTM and GigE Vision controllers direct from the Sherlock machine vision software interface.

Date updated:
April 2019

Gardasoft Vision Utility Installer v3.1.1 (200Mb)

Gardasoft Vision Utility allows you to configure your machine vision system lighting and camera timing via a clear, easy-to-use interface. Installation package includes installer and User Guide. v3.1.1 June 2018

Date updated:
April 2019

C++ C#, VB.NET SDK Installer for Triniti and non-Triniti Ethernet controllers (v3.1.0)

This software development kit contains a C# API with additional abstraction layers for C++ and VB with example applications. The SDK contains ready to use software functions to adjust key parameters within triniti ‘TR’ enabled controllers and support RT and RC controllers. The ‘discover’ and ‘send command’ functions support comms with all other ethernet controllers by ASCII command system. Beta support for RS232.

Date updated:
May 2018