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Discontinuation of Gardasoft CL191 Embedded Lens Controller

25th October 2021

Gardasoft Vision has partnered with Optotune to produce a range of lens controllers which are compatible with Optotune lenses. These include the TR‐CL180 lens controller and a set of products designed to be embedded either in equipment or in the lens itself.

The Gardasoft CL191 is a board‐level lens controller intended for embedded applications. This product will soon be discontinued. The CL191 will continue to be supplied as an Engineering Sample for development purposes for orders received on or before 31st March 2022. Quantities will be limited to 40 units per order. Other Gardasoft lens controller products are not affected by this decision and will continue to be produced.

Gardasoft is continuing development of an embedded lens controller which will be a suitable substitute for the CL191 in most applications. The Embedded Tunable Lens Controller is designed to be embedded into an Optotune liquid lens. It has I2C, UART and IDS communication options, and it can accept 5V or 24V power supplies. The Embedded Tunable Lens Controller is available now in small quantities as an Engineering Sample for development and prototyping use only. We expect the product to reach full production during 2022.

The Gardasoft TR‐CL180 is a stand‐alone lens controller housed in a DIN rail mounting enclosure. It is an established product in the Gardasoft range, is GigE Vision™ compatible and provides higher current drive than the CL160. The TR‐CL180 has Ethernet communications. The key parameters may also be configured via push buttons on the front panel.

Please contact Gardasoft for more information on the Embedded Tunable Lens Controller.