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LED Lighting and Control


PP480 LED Strobe Controller

PP480 LED Strobe Controller

Key features:

  • Compatible with nearly any LED lighting assembly available today
  • Four independent controlled output channels with status indicators
  • Ethernet, Web, ASCII, and RS232 interfaces
  • SafeSense™ technology for safe overdriving
  • Small compact unit with optional DIN mounting available.

PP480 Quick Specification:

  • 4 channel output
  • Ethernet and RS232 interface
  • 10A maximum pulsed
  • 2A maximum continuous
  • Supply voltage 12-48V DC
  • SafeSense enabled
  • 2µS pulse width

For a full specification please refer to the PP480 datasheet

Manufacturer connection diagrams

  • CCS Connectivity

The PP480 LED lighting controller is high speed constant current controller, enabling milliamp scale control within microseconds. It offers four output channels that are independently triggered and controlled.

PP series controllers are popular in applications where the customer can specific a power supply with a non-standard voltage, to meet the demands of more cost sensitive applications. These are typically (but not limited to) OEM applications that require higher numbers of lighting channels.

Each channel can be individually configured to be pulsed' in response to one of four external triggers or an internal timer. Alternatively, ‘continuous' mode facilitates continuous illumination, and ‘switched' mode allows on/off control based upon the state of an external trigger. Brightness is settleable in all modes.

The PP480 model can be quickly configured using our free software, GardasoftMaint, which can be downloaded via the software tab in this page, or by simply by accessing the controller via your internet browser; type the IP address for the controller into your browser to gain full access to the lighting parameters. If you are using third-party software, or interfacing to industrial equipment such an PLC, the PP480 has a simple ASCII command set, as detailed in the manual, to enable easy communication using either UDP/TCP over Ethernet, or RS232. As with all Gardasoft products, all the settings can be stored in non-volatile memory, for standalone operation.

Using our patented SafeSense™ technology, the PP480 controller allows you to overdrive your LED lights, while protecting them from damage. SafeSense™ manages the relationship between pulse timing, current, and duty cycle, at any overdrive rating. This results in the maximum light possible for your application, whilst maximising the longevity of the LED. Gardasoft Controllers are universally compatible with passive LED lighting, from manufacturers such as CCS.

Unlike our HT, RT, and RC series lighting controllers, which contain inbuilt DC/DC voltage conversion, the PP480 is an entirely linear circuit design. It is OEM orientated controller that requires special attention to power supply voltages and heat dissipation. Therefore, we recommend reading all technical literature before purchase. The Gardasoft team are ready to help at and training is available.

PP480 Series Specification
Parameter Value Notes
User Interface Ethernet and Isolated serial (RS232)
Output channels 4 independent constant current output channels with SafeSense™
Trigger inputs 4 opto-isolated digital inputs
Power Supply voltage (PSU+) 12-48V DC regulated Must be at least 1V greater than the lighting voltage at maximum current
Maximum input current (PSU) 4A
Trigger input HIGH level From 3V to 24V This is the voltage applied between + and - of each trigger input.
Trigger input LOW level From 0V to 1V Trigger volatages between 1V and 3V are undefined
Typical trigger input current 3mA Independent of trigger voltage
Max output current per channel 2A continuous, 10A pulsed
Output voltage 46V maximum
Average controller current 2A maximum The average output current for all channels added together must not exceed this
Pulse Frequency
1 Channel
2 Channels
3 or 4 Channels

50 kHz
15 kHz
4 kHz
Test conditions:
2 us pulse widght
2A light rating at 24V
Ambient temperature during operation 5°C to 40°C
Maximum power dissipation without heat sinking 8W at 20°C
4W at 40°C
Pulse width timing 2µS to 29999ms In steps of 0.1 us
Repeatability 0.1 us
Pulse delay timing 7µS to 29999ms In steps of 1 us
Repeatability 1 us
Unit Usage Indoor
Polution degree 2 As defined in BS EN 61010-1:2010+A1:2019
Altitude Up to 2000m
Relative Humidity 80% up to 31degC ambient.
Decreasing linearly to 50% at 40degC
PSU voltage fluctuations Up to +/- 10% of nominal voltage Line regulation tolerance
Transient Overvoltage Up to levels of Overvoltage category II. Temporary overvoltage on mains supply For mains power supply used to power the PP480 (according to BS EN 61010-1:2010+A1:2019)
Dimensions 118mm long by 90.5mm wide by 28.5mm deep (excluding DIN fixings)
Weight 240g excluding DIN fixings
Mounting DIN rail or panel mounting