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Easy connection of lighting
and light controllers

Within the Gardasoft Triniti system, lights and controllers are very easily connected and maintained.

  • M12 connection on lights and controllers
  • When connected, lighting parameters are automatically readable by the controller
  • Light is automatically fully protected from over voltage or currents
Easy connection of lighting and light controllers

Illustration of ease of connecting Triniti lights and controllers

Triniti-enabled lights are simply connected to a Triniti controller via an M12 connector. When connected, the light's operating profile is automatically shared with the controller and therefore both optimum and safe operation for the user is guaranteed. The operating profile includes maximum allowable intensity (constant and pulsed) and duty cycle.

In addition, the light will automatically record dynamic data such as run time and temperature (if fitted by the manufacturer), and again this data is seamlessly available to the controller and whichever Triniti software application is being utilised by the user.

Easy connection of Gardasoft Vision Triniti controller and CCS lighting and TPL lighting
inVISION Top Innovation 2016
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