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Synchronise and control
multiple lights with multiple cameras

Triniti makes it easy to set-up systems involving multiple cameras and multiple lights, therefore reducing both system design and commissioning times.

  • All lights are visible within the network
  • Image Processing software can work with cameras and lights at the same time
  • Individual lights can be given unique names for ease of identification
Synchronise and control multiple lights with multiple cameras

Application example of different Pulse intensities for individual lights

In this example, the system is required to measure many different variables on individual products that are presented for inspection. It is also expected to handle this process for multiple product types. Multiple light settings are therefore required, dependent on the respective products.

Gardasoft Vision illustration, Controlling Multiple lights in machine vision application

The "S15" function is available on both standard versions and Triniti versions of Gardasoft controllers. The controllers output a series of pulses of different intensities on different channels on each trigger. When the sequence finishes it restarts from the beginning and repeats. The length of the sequence, the different intensities and the pulse width on each channel is configurable.

One input is used to trigger the light pulses and another can be used to reset the sequence to ensure that the system starts in a synchronised state. An Ethernet command can also be used to reset the sequence.

Timing diagram

In the example, the lights are sequenced and controlled to take four images of the PCB. The lighting controller is triggered once for each image to be taken. On each trigger a different combination of lights is pulsed to take four images with different lighting schemes. When the next PCB arrives, the sequence repeats.

Timing diagram

Gardasoft’s CC320 trigger timing controller could be used to generate triggers for the cameras and lighting controller and integrate other signals such as part sensor, conveyor bel encoder and reject gate.

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