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Gardasoft Warranty for Lighting Controllers and Lens Controllers

Lighting Controller and Lens Controller Warranty

Warranty Period: Two years from the date the product is shipped from Gardasoft.

Except for the express warranties stated in this document, Gardasoft makes no additional warranties, express, implied, or statutory, as to any matter whatsoever. In particular, any and all warranties of merchantability or fitness for particular purpose are expressly excluded. Except as expressly set forth herein, Gardasoft makes no warranties with respect to the products.

Warranty period: Two years, starting from Gardasoft shipping date.

Gardasoft will repair or replace the product free of charge if it should fail to function within the specified warranty period. If this should occur, please contact your Gardasoft sales representative.

  1. Gardasoft will repair or replace the product free of charge if it should fail to function under use in accordance with the user manual and other written cautions during the indicated warranty period of two years.
  2. Gardasoft will charge a repair fee under the following conditions:
    1. If the product has been subjected to misuse, unauthorized repair, or modification from its original design.
    2. If the product has been damaged from impacts due to inappropriate handling.
    3. If damage to the product results from external causes including accidents, fire, pollution, riots, communication failures, earthquakes, thunderstorms, wind and flood damage, or any other act of providence, or from any extraordinary conditions such as electrical surges, water leakage, condensation, or the use of chemicals.
  3. Gardasoft assumes no liability for any purchaser’s secondary damage (damage of equipment, loss of opportunities, loss of profits, etc…) or any other damage resulting from a failure of our product.

This warranty information provides the scope of the Gardasoft product warranty within the specified period and does not indicate or imply any further guarantee beyond the warranty terms.

Contact Gardasoft for inquiries or information on repairs to the product after the expiration of the warranty.

Repairs and Returns

Repairs During Warranty Period

During the warranty period, in the event that a Gardasoft product is proved to be malfunctioning, Gardasoft will provide free repair or product replacement, based on the terms given in "Warranty Information". To contact Gardasoft about a product that may be faulty and is within its Warranty Period, please contact your local sales office.

Repairs Outside the Warranty Period

For a faulty products which is outside the warranty period, Gardasoft will charge a repair fee. For such cases, please contact your local sales office. After verifying the condition of the product, Gardasoft will provide a quotation for repair or replacement.

Verifying the Condition of Malfunction

When requesting repairs, we ask that you provide us with full information on the following to allow smooth processing of your request. Many thanks for your assistance.

  • Date of purchase
  • Model name/serial number of the product
  • Complete description of the symptoms of the malfunction or abnormal operation
  • Description of when and how the malfunction occurs
  • Description of the working environment of the device, including other devices, usage environment, conditions, etc.

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