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LED Lighting and Control

Advantages of pulsing

Gardasoft Vision's LED pulse / strobe controllers generally have two main modes of operation - Pulsed or Continuous.

Continuous mode

Continuous output is where the lighting is on all the time. This is the easiest mode to use as the intensity of the lighting is the only parameter that needs to be set. No overdriving is permitted.

Pulsed (or Strobe) mode

In pulsed mode the lighting is switched on only when required. The controller receives a trigger signal when a pulse is required. The delay from the trigger to the output pulse, the length of the pulse and the intensity of the pulse are all configurable.

Advantages of Pulsing Machine Vision LED lighting

Using Pulsing, it is possible to freeze the image of moving objects. Gardasoft's LED controllers have fine adjustment of the pulse timing, which is often more flexible than the camera's timing. The camera can be set for a longer exposure time and the light pulsed on for a short time to freeze the motion.

Effect of Pulsing Machine Vision LED lighting