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ANPR / LPR Application considerations and checklist

The following are factors that should typically be considered at the outset for lighting systems associated with ITS applications.

Is the application fixed or mobile? 
What is the camera being used for and what exposure time do you want (typically 1ms)? 
What height is the camera/light mounted? 
What is the distance from the light to the target area? 
What is the width of the target area (ie: number of traffic lanes?) 
What is the height of the light required at the target area? 
Are you using one camera per lane? 
Are you only doing number plate recognition, or additional acquisition such as car colour and occupancy details? 
What colours are the number plates, and do you have additional information such as the impact of its design on its contrast and reflectivity? 
What wavelength are you looking for (White, IR or other)? 
How many images per second do you need to take? 
What input voltage do you have available? 
What is the maximum ambient operating temperature? 
Traffic technology White Paper
LED Traffic Strobe Lights - for high intensity ANPR and LPR applications