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LED Lighting and Control


VCT6-T20 High intensity OEM LED Strobe Lights
  • VCT6-T20 High intensity OEM LED Strobe Lights
  • VCT6-T20 High intensity OEM LED Strobe Lights
  • VCT6-T20 High intensity OEM LED Strobe Lights

VCT6-T20 High intensity OEM LED Strobe Lights

Key features:

  • Specifically designed for OEM mobile applications
  • 0.5kW Pulse Drive to the LED gate array
  • 12-24VDC power supply
  • Integral aluminum plate for attachment to heat-sink

For a full specification please refer to the VCT6-T20 datasheet

Typical applications:

ANPR /LPRRed Light ViolationSpeed enforcement
Toll management systemsRail container scanningWeigh in motion

The Gardasoft VCT6 lights provide a very powerful LED strobe illumination for OEMs creating ITS solutions, and can be ordered as complete with IP65 housing (VCT6) or board-only version (VCT6-T20).

Using the highest high power LED technology available, the VCT6 system supplies up to 500W pulses to the LED array. It is fully integrated with internal timing, intensity control, trigger input and long distance communications.

The illuminators are available in Board format or compact IP65 rated housings allowing for flexibility of OEM development design and installation in very harsh environments if required. All VCT6 products are RoHS compliant.

VCT6 lights are available in a range of wavelengths and beam angles to match applications with their unique imaging requirements. IR wavelengths for non-invasive applications: White light plus other visible wavelengths are available when specific or additional vehicle/driver details are required.

VCT6 IP65 housing version

VCT6 IP65 housing version

A trigger input signal is available to synchronise the lighting pulse with camera exposure, and the VCT6 can optionally be operated in a free-running mode from a programmable internal timer.

Photometric Data
ModelDescriptionPeak measurement at 3.0m
VCT6-850-14Illuminator, IR LED, 14° beam angle244W/m2
VCT6-850-28Illuminator, IR LED, 28° beam angle45W/m2
VCT6-W-12Illuminator, White LED, 12° beam angle34kLux
VCT6-W-28Illuminator, White LED, 28° beam angle6.5kLux

ParameterVCT6-T20 Series Specification
Wavelength850nm, 940nm, White (others available on request)
Pulse Width Timing ControlInternal timing or external control
Maximum pulse width2ms
Maximum trigger frequency10kHz
Maximum Duty Cycle at 100% Intensity3%
Lighting Drive Power (Pulsed)500W
Brightness Repeatability±1%
Power supply requirement12-24VDC @ 2.5A Average
Dimensions (excluding heatsink plate)188(W) x 100(H) x 43.4(D) mm
Trigger Input5 ~ 24 VDC optocoupler
Trigger outputOpto-transistor switching 24V at up to 50mA
Operating Temperature-20°C ~ +55°C
Storage Temperature-20°C ~ +70°C
Operating Relative Humidity0% ~ 90% (not condensing)
Heat DissipationMaximum 30W
Physical formPCB assembly for integration into another assembly. Heatsink surface provided