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Application Notes Downloads for RTCC4 [Controller]

Application Notes

APP929 - Choosing a controller

APP929 explains the capabilities of the Gardasoft range of lighting controllers and helps the reader decide on the suitability for a particular application. (Aug 2018)

Date updated:
August 2018

APP979 - Updating firmware with GardasoftMaint v003

Date updated:
July 2018

APP930 - A Guide to LED Pulsing and Overdrive

App930 describes the benefits of pulsing and overdrive and how to safely overdrive LED lighting. v003 2018

Date updated:
June 2018

APP966 - SafePower

Date updated:
April 2018

APP965 - Long lighting cables

Date updated:
January 2013

APP947 - RT range pulse timing

Date updated:
October 2012

APP944 - Fast pulse shape

Date updated:
October 2012

APP914 - Using Japanese lighting

Date updated:
October 2012

APP910 - Advantages of pulsing

Date updated:
October 2011