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Gardasoft’s new TR-HT series, at 150W per channel, are the highest power LED lighting controllers currently available for machine vision applications. More >>

Gardasoft Vision Ltd announces that it has been acquired by OPTEX CO., LTD (OPTEX) of Japan and will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPTEX. More >>

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Application Notes Downloads for CC320 [Controller]

Application Notes

Lighting Controllers - Automation Magazine Jan 2018

Why a dedicated lighting controller can be essential to a machine vision system

Date updated:
April 2018

APP984 - 5 Reasons To Use A Lighting Controller

Illumination is a critical component of machine vision systems since it is lighting that determines how an object appears to the camera. This application note discusses when a dedicated lighting controller can be an essential part of a machine vision system.

Date updated:
January 2018

APP940 Connecting to the CC320

Date updated:
June 2017

APP929 - Choosing a controller

Date updated:
April 2017

APP979 - Updating firmware with GardasoftMaint v003

Date updated:
March 2016

Intelligent Lighting White Paper

Date updated:
January 2016

LED Controllers White Paper (English)

Date updated:
November 2015

APP945 - CC320 timing

Date updated:
October 2012

APP937 - CC320 sample applications

Date updated:
October 2012

APP933 - Configuring CC320 logic operators

Date updated:
October 2012