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LED Lighting and Control


Consistent illumination creates reliable, repeatable results.

Machine vision systems are used throughout industry to assess whether a product conforms to quality standards. Since that assessment is made on the image and not on the object itself, it is essential to produce the best image possible. To deliver a consistently high-quality image, accurate control of light intensity is vital.

Obtaining Quality MV Images

Variation in light intensity in a vision system can easily reduce the quality of the images and degrade the reliability of the measurements. Factors that might cause lighting levels to vary include the age of the LED, changes in ambient light and dust or dirt on the lens. A precision LED light controller from Gardasoft can easily adjust the LED intensity to compensate for these variations and guarantee constant image brightness.

Since ultimately the image brightness at the camera sensor determines the image quality for a given camera, closed loop control of image brightness using an intelligent lighting approach, such as trinitiā„¢, offers a highly effective solution to variations in lighting. This provides feedback adjustment to the LED controller based on the image brightness detected by the camera itself. In this way, any change in the illumination conditions is compensated for, whatever the cause.

If you would like to explore this topic further, you can download the 16-page white paper: Maintaining Constant Image Brightness in Machine Vision Systems which discusses the causes of image brightness variation and provides a variety of solutions. You can also see a practical demonstration of dynamic image compensation to ensure constant brightness in the video: Guaranteeing Consistent illumination.