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Gardasoft’s innovative Industrial OLED Lighting Controller has won a Silver Honoree award in the Lighting, lenses, and optics category of the 2019 Vision Systems Design Innovators Awards. More >>

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May 2018: Gardasoft wins award for bespoke low current controller Back to listing

May 2018: Gardasoft wins award for bespoke low current controller

Publish Date: May 2018

When a customer needed a lighting controller that could provide very accurate ultra-low light control, Gardasoft was able to rapidly design a bespoke unit, which has since won a 2018 Silver Innovation Award from Vision Systems Design. This well-established awards program celebrates and recognizes the most innovative products and services in the vision and image processing industry.

Regulating very low light output in machine vision applications is a particular challenge and can’t be met using standard controllers. The controller needs to have very low noise and achieve an output that is stable within a few μA. This performance is orders of magnitude better than most electronics can achieve and gets close to the limits of physics.

For this customer we developed the S106 low power lighting controller - the first of its kind to overcome these challenges. Gardasoft has a strong history of developing bespoke solutions for both individual users and OEMs. The S106 has a design that minimizes the effect of noise, errors and crosstalk. It achieves a stable adjustable current drive from a maximum of 90 mA all the way down to just 7μA. It also provides all of the attributes of a traditional lighting controller, with multiple output channels, fast accurate pulsing and safety features.

A built-in miniature web server enables it to be configured and controlled from a PC running an image processing application or directly by using simple string commands from an application program using TCP/IP or UDP. The unit also addresses the reliability of illumination for machine vision systems by continuously monitoring the health of the lighting. By monitoring the operating voltage of the LEDs, it can alert the user if there is a change that indicates the LED is nearing the end of life. This safeguard enables the user to schedule light replacement and avoid unexpected and expensive manufacturing downtime.

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