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John Merva, Vice President, North America, Gardasoft LLC, is making a presentation entitled: ‘Machine Vision Systems and LED Lighting Controllers’ at a seminar organised by Phase 1 Technology Corp. More >>

Gardasoft Vision Utility is an easy-to-use utility that makes it simple to configure lighting in a Machine Vision system. The Utility makes a great starting point for those less familiar with the benefits of lighting controllers. (read more) More >>

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Triniti now available on NI LabVIEW Tools network Back to listing

Triniti now available on NI LabVIEW Tools network

Publish Date: February 2016

Triniti Communications SDK for LabVIEW is a VI Toolkit for machine vision lighting controllers, and is now available on the National Instruments LabVIEW Tools Network. This SDK provides access to any networked Gardasoft Triniti controller and light.

Triniti provides very close integration of lighting into the whole machine vision system, enabling the user's application to easily configure and see the status of all lights in the system. When combined with camera acquisition, processing and display within the same application, it enables a completely integrated machine vision system.

Triniti on LabVIEW Tools Network >>


Triniti now available on NI LabVIEW Tools network