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Industrial OLED Controller Launched Back to listing

Industrial OLED Controller Launched

Publish Date: November 2018

The new OC-G-5646-2-ET dual-channel OLED lighting controller from Gardasoft Vision has been designed specifically for the precise control of OLED panels in machine vision applications. Featuring sophisticated drive techniques to meet the complex physical properties of OLED panels, the new controller allows the generation of extremely fast, highly accurate, very stable light pulses at the limit of OLED operation.


OLED panels are an important lighting development for machine vision applications because they give an exceptionally stable and uniform light intensity across the width of the panel. They are also very thin and can be moulded into complex shapes offering illumination configurations that may not be possible to achieve using traditional LED lighting.


The new controller provides fine control of light intensity, even from OLED panels rated at 20mA.  Each channel provides an independent precision constant-current output with high stability and high resolution at all currents. Current output is up to 2A in continuous operation and upt to 10A in pulsed mode with current drive resolution in 100µA steps from 0 to 0.3A and 6mA steps from 0.3A to 10A. Gardasoft Safesense technology allows safe overdriving of the OLED panels. Pulse delay and pulse width are fully controllable in 1µs increments with timing repeatability of  +/- 1µs.

The Gardasoft OLED lighting controller is fully compatible with the CCS range of OLED panels and has full access to product-specific data that is stored within them. This provides full plug-and-play capability and ensures that the panel can be overdriven without risk of damage to the panel. Lifetime usage data provides dependable end of life management.

The OC OLED lighting controller is fully Ethernet compliant, including a Web Server which allows the devices to be controlled by image processing software or Explorers on a remote PC. The controller also forms part of the Gardasoft machine vision platform which gives users seamless access and control of system cameras, lighting and lenses, all within the same environment. This can be a standard image processing package or the Gardasoft SDK which is available for free download. Utilities are also available for other leading machine vision imaging software packages.