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LED Lighting and Control

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Intelligent lighting throughout a Project Cycle

Within the Gardasoft Triniti system, LED lighting and Controllers are seamlessly integrated with system cameras - because the Controllers are GigE Vision and GenICam compliant.

  • GigE Vision compliant LED lighting controllers
  • Lighting utilities available for Image Processing Software
  • SDK Lighting utilities for OEM application development
Gardasoft Vision Intelligent Lighting in the project cycle

Design & Build

Design & Build
  • Easy camera/lighting integration through Images processing software such as LabVIEW, Stemmer CVB and Cognex VisionPro. Also via Camera software such as Cognex Insight
  • Makes advanced features very easy to use
  • No need to enter current rating of lights
  • Standardised M12 connection

Install & Commission

  • All image processing parameters in one window
  • Easy pulsing of lighting
  • Overdriving safely improves performance
  • Dynamic configuration of lighting
Install & Commission

Operate & Maintain

Operate & Maintain
  • Better feature sensitivity and/or margins
  • Lighting temperature monitoring
  • End of life predictive warning
  • More reliable and repeatable machine vision systems
inVISION Top Innovation 2016
  • Triniti Lighting Partners

  • CCS
  • Smart Vision Lights
  • TPL Vision
  • Triniti Software Partners

  • Cognex
  • National Instruments
  • Stemmer Imaging