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Industrial Lens Controllers

TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller
  • TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller
  • TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller
  • TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller
  • TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controller

TR-CL180 Industrial Lens Controllers

Key features:

  • One channel high resolution output
  • Include constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications
  • -400mA to +400mA in 0.1mA steps
  • Compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC lenses
  • Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation

Application benefits:

  • Industrial, precision control for Optotune lenses
  • Easy connection with cameras and lighting via triniti Intelligent Machine Vision platform
  • GigE Vision compliance, lenses therefore easily integrated with standard Image Processes software

The Gardasoft TR-CL Series are single channel industrial Lens Controllers which provide very accurate and repeatable control of tunable lenses, they have been developed in close collaboration with Optotune. The TR-CL controllers include constant current Lens drive and Lens EEPROM data communications and are compatible with Optotune EL-10-30-Ci and EL-16-40-TC tunable lenses.

With a fast focus change (1ms), the TR-CL Series enable dynamic lens control in Machine Vision applications which require varying height objects - Postal identification for example.

Microscopy and Life Sciences are other key market sectors for tunable lens control, addressing applications such as Z slices, Light sheet imaging, In vivo (live tissue) imaging, and many types of automated imaging. There is a National Instruments LabVIEW Utility available for the TR-CL Series, and this is particularly relevant for applications in these sectors.

Introduction to the Gardasoft Lens Controller

Application examples from Stemmer Imaging

EL-16-40-TC EL-10-30-Ci

GigE Vision integration for Lens Controllers

TR-CL Lens controllers are GigE Vision compliant and mark an important addition in the integration of Machine Vision systems. The Lens controllers are part of the Gardasoft Triniti machine vision platform, so users now have seamless access and control of system cameras, lighting and lenses within the same environment (either via conventional image processing software or via a Triniti SDK).

In addition to LabVIEW support, utilities are also available for other leading machine vision imaging software packages such as Cognex VisionPro, Teledyne Dalsa Sherlock and Stemmer Imaging CVB.

Gardasoft TR-CL180 Lens Controller within Stemmer CVB software

TR-CL180 Lens Controller specification

ParameterTR-CL180 specifications
Output channelsOne channel, including constant current lens drive and lens EEPROM data communications. Automatically reads data from EEPROM inside lens which calibrates the controller response. The performance of the controller is therefore automatically tailored to each individual lens.
Lens compatibilityCompatible with following Optotune lens ranges
EL-10-30-Ci; EL-16-40-TC
Full current calibration with lens temperature compensation
Operating modesThree operating modes:
1. Single configurable optical power
2. Two optical powers, selected by digital input
3. Optical power set by analog input
Digital inputSmart input 3V-24V, TTL, NPN, PNP compatible
Analog input0V to 10V, 7K input impedance
Nominal 12-bit resolution
Refocus latency6ms (not including lens response)
Output current-400mA to +400mA in 0.1mA steps Accuracy +/- 0.5mA
Output voltage-16V to +16V
User interfaceEthernet (easy to use browser by means of in-built Web server)
Front Panel
User SDKTriniti SDK, applications written in C#, C++, VB
Lens connector6-way Hirose HR 10 G lens connector
Power supply24V +/-10%. An SELV power supply is required
Input power 10W maximum
Operating temperature5 to 50°C
HumidityUp to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions120mm x 101mm x 35mm
MountingDIN rail mount
StandardsCE, RoHS